Is The Resident Evil Franchise Relying Too Much On Chris Redfield?

The success of the Resident Evil 4 remake (already over 5 million sales) proves that Capcom could perhaps rely on Leon S. Kennedy if Ethan Winters’ story is finished with Resident Evil (8): Village…


Leon first appeared in Resident Evil 2, and after his girlfriend broke up with him, he got drunk the previous day and was late for his first job, the Raccoon City Police Station in the original game (the remake rethought the backstory a bit, but he was a newcomer there, too!). He survived the events, and later, in Resident Evil 4, he was tasked with rescuing the daughter of the US President, Ashley Graham, from the clutches of a Spanish cult, Los Illuminados. Leon later starred in Resident Evil 6 but was not in Resident Evil 7 and 8.

But Chris Redfield was! He was already in the first Resident Evil, then we next saw him in Code Veronica (Capcom should think about remaking this one…). He became a meme in Resident Evil 5 by smashing a huge boulder (Heisenberg mentioned it in Resident Evil: Village!), and finally, he played an essential role in RE7/Village. So the balance of power between him and Leon is tipped more toward Chris, and the rumor is that he’ll be the main character in Resident Evil 9…

The two characters have different personalities. Chris takes on the role of a toughened soldier who has seen a lot over time and takes his mission seriously, while Leon can take a humorous approach (we could quote several of his expressions during Resident Evil 2/4 Remake…), although Capcom took his character too seriously in Resident Evil 6. The three possible upcoming Resident Evil projects (5 Remake, 9, Code Veronica…?) may make Chris a potential main protagonist.

Chris Redfield debuted in the franchise a while ago, but it wouldn’t be appropriate for Capcom to have a character be the face of the series. It’s not something the Japanese company should aim for, but it wouldn’t be helpful if Capcom focused too much on one of them.

Source: GameRant

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