Hotel Barcelona: When Swery65 And Suda51 Jointly Make A Game [VIDEO]

A two-and-a-half dimensional action game that parodies slasher movies… that description sounds like a mix of Deadly Premonition and No More Heroes, doesn’t it?


For example, Hidetaka Suehiro (Swery65) was previously known for Deadly Premonition, while Goichi Suda (Suda51) might bring Shadows of the Damned or the No More Heroes series to mind. The two Japanese developers are now working together behind the doors of White Owls Inc. on Hotel Barcelona. This multiplatform, current-gen game aims to offer exciting, action-packed gameplay.

Here are the first details via Xbox Wire: “Hotel Barcelona is the long-awaited collaboration between game design legends Swery65 and Suda51, and our Xbox Digital Broadcast brought us a never-before-seen gameplay trailer from the self-styled “2.5D slasher film parodic action” game. Drawing influences from across horror’s history, you’ll be pitted against everything from alien entities to AI-enhanced sharks while stuck in an endless time loop filled with serial killers – and only your deceased past selves to help you.

Both Swery and Suda appeared in the show to discuss the game. Swery addressed the game’s unusual beginnings—with Suda asking him to announce a collaboration on the fly without prior discussion—and his inspirations from Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. Suda explained that he and Swery worked on the initial concept together—”Then, all of a sudden, Swery completed tons of work on the development, and Hotel Barcelona materialized. Most of the time, when someone does lip service like that, the project never materializes… But Swery made this project a reality to deliver something to the fans.”

Given that Hotel Barcelona was unveiled during Microsoft’s Tokyo Game Show coverage, perhaps the Redmond-based tech giant (which may soon be swallowing Activision’s Blizzard King…) is serious about working with more developers in Asia. Hotel Barcelona will be released for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC (Steam) next year.

Source: Gematsu

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