Actor Behind Cal Kestis Teases the Third Installment of Star Wars Jedi!

Known for portraying Cal Kestis in the Star Wars Jedi series, Cameron Monaghan hints at working on the trilogy’s third chapter during a panel at Comic Con.


During a session at Ocala Comic Con, Monaghan shared, “We are currently crafting the third episode and it’s in full swing. It’s a colossal task for us, we’ve had a few discussions, and we’re hopeful that if everything aligns, we’ll produce something outstanding.”

This revelation came just before Stig Asmussen, the director of the previous Star Wars Jedi titles, announced his departure from Respawn Entertainment. According to Bloomberg, Asmussen is parting ways with Respawn and its parent firm, EA, with no word yet on his next venture.

“After thorough deliberation, Stig Asmussen has chosen to leave Respawn in search of new horizons. We wish him all the best on his journey,” stated an EA representative to Bloomberg.

Veteran leaders at Respawn will now helm the ship, progressing with “Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.”

Earlier in February, Asmussen conveyed his hopes of envisioning a third Star Wars Jedi title. “I’ve always dreamt of this as a trilogy,” he told IGN, referring to the previously introduced game, “Survivor.” “How can we push Cal and the team into uncharted territories beyond the original? We had a clear vision for “Survivor”, its setting, stakes, tone, challenges for Cal, and the team’s role in all of it. We’re also exploring potential avenues for the story beyond that.”

Source: VGC

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