“No One Will Save You” – Close Encounters of the Bloody Kind

MOVIE REVIEW – This alien abduction thriller could easily have been recommended by “The X-Files” star Fox Mulder, as it features a damsel in distress tormented by aliens reminiscent of the Roswell UFOs. Remarkably, even fewer words are spoken than in “A Quiet Place,” another movie in the alien-horror genre. A home invasion thriller with a unique encounter that unfortunately feels derivative.



In the realm of alien invasion movies, presenting something fresh is a challenge. Images of UFOs and aliens have graced our screens so often that they’ve become emoticons. The new thriller “No One Will Save You” suggests that Brian Duffield didn’t try to reinvent the alien wheel. Instead, he borrowed ideas from previous films, mixed them together, and conjured up an exciting premise starring Kaitlyn Dever. This concept manages to grab the viewer’s attention for about 45 minutes, after which it turns into a formulaic action-packed flick that tries to make a superficial comment on grief.

Dever portrays Brynn, a solitary figure in her family home, tucked away in a remote rural setting. She ventures out only to mail the clothes she makes or to visit her late mother’s grave. She’s a recluse, but she writes letters to a friend named Maude. We soon learn that Maude has also died, and there’s a hint that Brynn may be connected to the tragedy. One night, she’s awakened by a startling noise and realizes she’s not alone. The intruder is not from this world. As she fights off the first attacker, more alien beings attempt to enter her home over the next few hours.



“Invaders Must Die!”


Duffield masterfully builds tension in the early night scenes by focusing solely on Dever’s facial expressions. Her face is often bathed in an eerie blue light. The alien creature, with its characteristic gray skin and large black eyes, only occasionally enters the frame, mostly remaining an obscured shadowy figure. Kudos to cinematographer Aaron Morton for making the nocturnal scenes menacing yet clear.

The close-up experience Brynn undergoes during this invasion is compelling in the opening sequence, as long as you can overlook some glaring plot holes. It’s better not to think about how these aliens can blast through walls, but apparently can’t do the same when Brynn is hiding behind a refrigerator. Probably because it would ruin the old-school horror vibe Duffield is channeling.



No One Will Remember You


While Duffield pays homage to classics like “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” “Signs,” “Fire in the Sky,” and 1978’s “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” “No One Will Save You” becomes too derivative, making you long for the original masterpieces instead. Suspension of disbelief becomes a challenge when Brynn is captured by an alien.

The movie’s handling of Brynn’s grief and guilt is ridiculous and breaks the magic of the first parts. Still, Dever delivers an outstanding performance, channeling the essence of a silent film actress. Throughout the 90-minute running time, she utters a single sentence and relies on facial expressions to convey her emotions, be it grief for her friend or sheer terror.



Too many aliens diminish the fear factor


The introduction of more aliens elicited mixed reactions. It’s hard to go wrong with the classic black-eyed grays, but as their numbers increase, they tend to become more comical than scary. Alien movies are always more effective when a single entity is hunting the protagonist, as classics like “Alien” and its sequel “Aliens” have proven.

The strength of the movie lies in not spoon-feeding the audience the reasons behind the alien invasion or their particular interest in Brynn. Such details don’t really matter in this kind of movie. Still, it’s unfortunate that Duffield felt the need to delve into the reasons behind Brynn’s grief and ostracism. The path he takes to her inner reconciliation is intriguing (and a bit disturbing). The ending, however, dilutes that emotional depth, evoking an old-school feel-good conclusion.


No One Will Save You

Direction - 6.8
Actors - 7.1
Story - 6.2
Visuals/Music/Sounds - 7.8
Ambience - 6.2



No One Will Save You shines brightest when it combines the suspense of a home invasion thriller with the thrill of alien abduction. Kaitlyn Dever proves that she can carry a movie's title with her facial expressions alone. The movie falters when it veers into a convoluted action plot and an overtly moralistic narrative about dealing with grief and guilt.

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