The PlayStation Portal Might Get Features It Should Have By Default

The DualSense controller with a display, which is a little incomprehensible in its current form, could be a little more useful.


The PlayStation Portal was launched today. There’s a reason we’re pessimistic, because the only way to play games on the device is via Remote Play, so if you don’t have a PlayStation 5, it’s nothing more than a glorified Frisbee. Sony may change that by introducing cloud streaming in the next few months, allowing PlayStation Plus subscribers to play more games.

Sony’s Hideaki Nishino spoke to the Japanese publication AV Watch about the PayStation portal. According to him, the only difference between remote play and cloud play is the location of the server, so there is no technical barrier to expanding the functionality of the device. At the moment, the company is only focusing on remote play, but this will change in the future.

The reasoning sounds very silly, because if there’s no technical barrier to playing, say, PlayStation 5 games from the cloud (PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers can, thanks to support for some titles), why couldn’t they do it by default? It would have made the platform more noteworthy in its pre-launch marketing, and it wouldn’t have been dismissed out of hand because it’s not a PlayStation Vita (which at least had games that could be played locally, not just used for remote play).

So there’s only one handheld platform on the market at the moment, if you don’t count handheld PCs (it was the Steam Deck that started the revolution in that market), if you don’t count the tens of millions of Android devices and iPhones, the Nintendo Switch remains the sole dominant player after the demise of the PlayStation Vita and the retirement of the Nintendo 3DS. Sony not only can’t change that, it doesn’t want to, and the PlayStation Vita won’t have a worthy successor.

Source: WCCFTech

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