Baylan Skoll Completes Anakin Skywalker’s Mission 5 Years After His Death

MOVIE NEWS – Baylan Skoll, who died in the Ahsoka series, believes that the already dead Anakin Skywalker did not fulfill the task assigned to him as the Chosen One, so Baylan takes matters into his own hands.


In the Ahsoka series, the late Ray Stevenson made his debut as Baylan Skoll with a bang, as he opened the first episode by mimicking Darth Vader’s iconic hallway carnage. This is even more significant when he reveals that he once knew Anakin Skywalker and knows that Anakin turned into Vader. In the finale, Baylan discovers the statues of the ancient Mortis gods from The Clone Wars and Rebels, which he has supposedly been searching for throughout the series. Baylan’s knowledge of Anakin’s failure and his search for the Mortis gods are intertwined in many ways.

Baylan’s experience with Order 66 is the key to his story. The total destruction of the Jedi Order taught him how fragile power can be. Anakin – known to many Jedi as the legendary “Chosen One” – was called to lead the Jedi into an era of peace and balance against the dark side. Instead, he turns against the order he called home and slaughters the Jedi nonchalantly. Baylan watched as the one who was supposed to save them end up falling to their doom, and that acts as a catalyst for Ahsoka’s character. His entire mission is to prevent the atrocities of Order 66 from ever happening again.



Anakin Skywalker’s mission was to bring balance to the Force


Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace changed Anakin Skywalker’s story by ushering in the prophecy of the Chosen One. From that moment on, his purpose in Star Wars was to bring balance to the Force. And despite a promising Jedi career in the prequels, Palpatine enticed him to drop everything and join the dark side. Despite this, Anakin managed to fend off Darth Vader and redeem himself just before his death in Return of the Jedi. However, Baylan Skoll probably had no idea that Anakin would end up being good.

For Baylan, Anakin failed in his mission to bring balance to the Force. However, Star Wars seems like Anakin really brought balance to the Force, either in Return of the Jedi or after. For someone who does not know the true end of Anakin’s story, the logical conclusion is that Anakin was not the Chosen One, but only a traitor to the Order. Therefore, Baylan’s goal with Ahsoka is to fill what he believes Anakin’s role should have been. He tries to find where the cycle of darkness and light began to balance the Force with his hands.


Ahsoka’s finale put Baylan in a place of balance


Baylan’s goal to bring balance to the Force is reinforced by the images in the finale. In the center of the Mortis sculptures, he stands on the arms of the Father, who was traditionally the one who kept the balance between his children. The Girl represented the light side of the Force, while the Boy represented the dark side, but Baylan does not subscribe to either ideology. Instead, he strives to balance the Force, as the Father did and as Anakin should have.

Baylan Skoll used any means necessary to follow in Mortis’ footsteps. His dream of balancing the Force may indeed come true in Season 2, but with the unfortunate death of Ray Stevenson, it will be interesting to see if Filoni re-impersonates Baylan Skoll. It’s a shame that Baylan is stuck staring at his goal, but it could also be interesting to see another character carry on his legacy and reach Mortis instead. Either way, if Baylan succeeds in reaching Mortis, an even more difficult question arises.


How does Baylan intend to balance the Force?


Star Wars has always been vague about how the Force is actually supposed to be balanced, and how the Force even works. There’s a kind of charm to the mystical, unknown aspect of the Force where the viewer has to figure out how it works, whereas The Phantom Menace and The Clone Wars tend to take a more realistic approach. In the Mortis arc, the Father explains that his children are literally the embodiment of the Force in the galaxy, and the realm of Mortis acts as a hub through which the Force flows; whoever controls the children controls the Force.


Since the Mortis gods represent the Force itself, it’s possible that the Clones are still alive despite their apparent death in their clothes


The problem Baylan faces is how to control the Girl and the Boy. Anakin’s sheer power as the Chosen One was able to subdue them, but Baylan doesn’t really compare to the more powerful Jedi of Star Wars. The Mortis Gods are immensely powerful and their control brought Anakin close to breaking point. Either way, Baylan may have bitten off more than he could chew by finding Mortis. And if the gods are still around, she’ll have a hard time crushing their massive power in Ahsoka Season 2.

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