Divers from Avatar also worked on Night Swim

MOZI HÍREK – Bryce McGuire made his supernatural thriller Night Swim from his own short film nine years ago, who did not think that the full-length story developed from the original opus would require orders of magnitude more work. The family in the story moves into a new house with a swimming pool. The cooling water hides terrible secrets: demons lurk in the depths.


Pool shots were the bottleneck for filmmakers. “Making a wet scene takes twice as much work as a dry shoot,” the director explained at New York Comic Con. – You have to prepare for the dive, build up communication between the surface and the underwater space, and you need two teams of divers: one takes part in the work, the other provides security. The actors had to separately learn how to breathe correctly underwater, and they also had to warm up before shooting each scene. The divers from Avatar worked for us, including the stuntmen and the technical crew, so we can say that the best were involved. I saw that we had really done it right when a viewer at one of the test screenings got sick because of shortness of breath. It is about the scene when we dive from the surface of the water slowly deeper and deeper, and it seems that the spectators automatically hold their breath here as well. Of course, I don’t want anyone in the audience to get hurt, but it’s a good feeling to know that the audience is breathing together – or in our case, not breathing – with the film. This means that it works.”

(Night Swim – domestic release: January 4, 2024.)

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