That’s why Ryan Gosling became the main character of The Fall Guy

MOVIE NEWS – After the launch of the John Wick series, the film’s producer and one of its directors, John Leitch, was given almost a free hand in Hollywood. After that, he proved himself with opuses such as Atomic Blonde, Deadpool: Hobbs and Shaw, Deadpool 2 and most recently The Killing Flight.


The latter two are interesting because, in addition to frantic actions, comedy elements play a major role in them. Leitch has just arrived at an important stage in his career: in his new film, The Stuntman, he combines breaking-crushing-exploding and humor with romance, which was not his own until now. It was this triple mixture that managed to win over Ryan Gosling for the main role, whom the creators envisioned for this task from the beginning.

“When I told him what our plan was, he said something interesting,” Leitch told Empire magazine. – He said that he had just finished The Gray Man, which is a real non-stop action film, he had already appeared in a romantic film and a comedy, but this is the first time that he can let loose in the three genres at the same time, using his entire acting toolbox .”

In The Stuntman, Emily Blunt is on the other end of the romantic thread, but her relationship is not cloudless with Gosling strong> with a stunt performed by Especially after it turns out that the main actor of the film to be directed by Blunt’s character (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) has been kidnapped, and the stuntman is now forced to perform in real actions.

(The Fall Guy – domestic release: May 2, 2024.)

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