Diablo IV: Is There One Serious Problem With The Bonus Experience Event?!

The new Mother’s Blessing event in Diablo IV may not provide the experience bonus that Blizzard originally announced…



Some Diablo IV players have noticed that the experience buff for the Mother’s Blessing event is slightly smaller than advertised. Blizzard developers have confirmed not only that this was an unintentional change but also that they are working on a fix. While Season of Blood has taken the game in a positive direction overall, other quality-of-life features, such as the loot filter, are still missing.

That said, many players agree that levelling up feels less clunky, build variety has increased, and Diablo IV’s endgame isn’t as monotonous as it was at launch.

Adding new bosses to the game, such as Duriel, offered alternative ways to obtain gear. He seems to be one of the most reliable ways to farm Uber Uniques. In order to take on this challenge, players are recommended to reach at least around level 80. Equip them with Uniques and Legendaries that match their build. To help new and returning players on their way, Blizzard has introduced a limited-time bonus experience event to the game.

However, while the Mother’s Blessing event promised a 35% increase in experience and gold (along with Elixir and Incense bonuses), the update only provided a 25% increase in gameplay. Players like bboyblock took to social media platforms such as Reddit to question whether the reduced bonus was a mistake or if Blizzard’s official announcement contained incorrect information.

Fortunately, Diablo IV Community Manager Marcoose responded within the thread, confirming that the Mother’s Blessing event was indeed buggy and that the developers were working on a fix.

The new event runs from November 20th until November 27th. Players who haven’t tried all the new features in Diablo IV Season of Blood should take advantage of the experience bonus. It’s practical to start seasonal characters now. Because in December 2023 and, with patch 1.2.3, a brand new endgame activity is scheduled to debut. The latter is inspired by Reaper of Souls.

Indeed, the Greater Rifts return through the Abattoir of Zir activity in Diablo IV. So players can not only complete their journey in Season of Blood. But they can also relive the high-intensity experience of trying to defeat the Rift in time by moving through endless hordes of monsters. For those who haven’t tried out Blizzard’s latest title, the game is currently on sale for 40% off on all three platforms.

Source: Reddit

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