Can The GTA VI Trailer Be Here Soon?! Rockstar Is Really Getting Ready…

Rockstar may have quietly rolled out some significant changes ahead of the much-anticipated release of the first GTA VI trailer…



The Rockstar Games website has undergone a remarkable makeover. The timing of this suggests that the move is tied to the reveal of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto VI. This isn’t the first time Rockstar’s website has fueled GTA VI rumours. But this time, it seems that such speculations may have a greater basis in reality.

That’s mainly because Rockstar recently confirmed that the first GTA VI trailer will arrive in early December – in other words, the highly anticipated game’s marketing campaign will finally kick off within weeks.

The subsequent update of Rockstar Games’ websites is, therefore, widely interpreted as part of the company’s preparations for the game’s unveiling. The redesign, first teased by GTA leaker Tez2, introduces Rockstar Social Club integration, among other things. As well as a new permanent menu on the studio’s official website. The old hamburger menu icon has been replaced with a black and white Rockstar logo. This still serves a similar function as clicking on it will launch a drop-down list. The latter allows users to navigate between the home page, Rockstar’s game catalogue and the company’s news service.

To the right of the icon is a new permanent menu. This contains links to alternative gaming and news portals. As well as those that direct users to the videos and downloads sections. Speaking of downloads, the redesign included a large button in the top right corner of every page on the site. The latter prompts users to install the Rockstar Games Launcher.

Links to Rockstar’s online store and support pages are also more prominently displayed on the site, under the More drop-down in the main menu.


Could the GTA VI reveal trailer be preceded by a countdown on Rockstar’s website like GTA V?


In terms of functionality, the biggest change came in the form of an improved search function. This allows visitors to filter their searches by category. Including games, posts, videos and usernames. A countdown on Rockstar’s website preceded the unveiling of GTA V in 2011. The company may have something similar in store for the unveiling of the sequel. After all, the pre-announcement of GTA VI’s trailer would supposedly maximize first-day viewership.

Either way, Rockstar likely timed the redesign to make the most of the expected increase in traffic to its website due to the upcoming trailer.

At the same time, the company also updated the Rockstar Social Club website. It changed the number of users from more than 100 million to “more than 200 million”. The new number, also spotted by Tez2, can only be seen by logging out of the site. The number itself is unsurprisingly close to GTA V’s sales volume. According to Take-Two Interactive’s latest financial report, GTA V has reached 190 million sales by the end of September.

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