Diablo IV: Could Season 3 Bring Back One Of Diablo III’s Most Popular Features?! [VIDEO]

The following Season of Diablo IV will bring even more fun additions to the game. Among other things, a game mechanic feature that was very successful in Diablo III.



Diablo IV shared some big announcements at the recent BlizzCon 2023 event. Among other things, some tasters of what players can expect in the yet-to-be-named third Season of the dungeon-crawler experience game. Season 2 has already brought a lot of quality-of-life improvements. Since the game’s release in June 2023, many people have claimed these. More are said to be in the works for the future.

Season 2 offers new fun with more endgame content and a special festive Midwinter Blight event before the game enters Season 3.

Currently, the second Season of Diablo IV, Season of Blood, is in full swing. Sometime until the end of January 2024. That’s when Season 3, affectionately referred to by some as just “The Season of Orange Text,” takes over. (After all, Diablo’s developer cleverly hid the title.) Once again, players create new characters to tackle new objectives. So far, not much has been revealed about the theme and missions of the upcoming Season. But it turns out that a type of endgame content is coming that bears some resemblance to what was seen in Diablo III.


The Gauntlet in Diablo IV Season 3 is similar to Diablo III Challenge Rifts


Diablo III has an endgame feature called Challenge Rifts. Challenge Rifts cover weekly activities where the player enters a predetermined dungeon with a specified character. This is designed for exactly one class and skill set. It has particular objects that cannot be changed. Your goal is to defeat all enemies as quickly as possible. In Diablo IV Season 3, this premise is further developed with a newly announced feature called The Gauntlet.

Unlike Challenge Rifts, The Gauntlet sounds like it will allow players to take their own character through the weekly challenges, but otherwise, it will be very similar.

This will feature a unique weekly endgame challenge dungeon. Its main goal is to slaughter all the enemies in it faster than other players have done. Players will compete for the top spots on leaderboards categorized by each class. As well as unique leaderboards for hardcore characters or those attempting the challenge solo.


How will The Gauntlet work in Diablo IV Season 3?


The Gauntlet is only available once the player has reached World Level 4. But characters don’t need to be level 100 to attempt the dungeon. Each dungeon in The Gauntlet is a fixed-core, non-linear dungeon. This means that the type and location of monsters, the map and layout of the dungeon, and all accessories will remain the same for all players throughout the week. Multiple starts are also allowed. No loot will be picked up in The Gauntlet until the timer runs out. So, the focus is entirely on killing rather than picking up items.

Players with the highest scores will be featured on a particular leaderboard of the top 1,000 players that will be refreshed weekly, with the top 10 players from each week receiving permanent recognition in the Hall of the Ancients.

Endgame content is always in demand for games like Diablo IV. The addition of The Gauntlet gives players a new goal to try to achieve each week as they perfect their skills in the unique dungeon. Challenge Rifts was a very popular format for Diablo III. The main complaint was that players couldn’t use their own characters for the attempts. Now, The Gauntlet fixes that. Thus, players can not only use their own character but can see how they stack up against others of the same class on the game’s new leaderboard.

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