Overwatch 2: This Trick Will Make One Favourite Character Almost Invincible!

Overwatch 2 players have discovered a new Mercy movement exploit that makes it even more difficult for opponents to wear her down on the battlefield.



Mercy players have found a way to exploit one of the abilities of the healing Guardian Angel, causing headaches for opponents in Overwatch 2. The game’s eighth season, Call of the Hunt, is currently underway. They added a wilderness-themed battle pass, Battle of the Beasts limited-time mode, and a new Tank hero, Mauga.

Support characters are incredibly important in Overwatch 2 as they are necessary to keep your team alive. As such, support heroes are often high-value targets for opposing teams. Because of this, many of Overwatch 2’s support heroes are equipped with abilities that are either a means of escape or survival. Heroes like Kiriko and Moira have escape methods like Swift Step and Fade. These allow them to step down if they have received too much. One of the most popular support heroes, Mercy, has an ability called “Guardian Angel”, which allows her to rush to a nearby ally quickly.

Pressing the crouch button while the Guardian Angel is running will “super jump” into the air, giving you a temporarily better view of the fight and increased aerial movement.

It seems that some Mercy players have found a way around the extra 1.5-second cooldown on Super Jump. On the Competitiveoverwatch subreddit, SammyIsSeiso posted a short video of the Overwatch 2 training ground. In this, Mercy’s super-jump instantly recharges when the player deletes the Guardian Angel at the exact moment the player slides down to initiate the superjump. Performing this manoeuvre allows Mercy to jump back into the air every three seconds. Becoming a nightmare for opponents.



Overwatch 2



It’s clear that Mercy’s superjump wasn’t designed for that kind of use. It’s already tricky for opponents to follow him as he taunts his teammates with the regular use of Guardian Angel. But when he can leap into the air every three seconds without touching the ground, it’s easy to see that opposing players can get frustrated.

With the Overwatch team paying so much attention to the community, it’s safe to say that this is a known issue at Blizzard, and hopefully, much to the chagrin of Mercy players, a fix will arrive soon.

As for what’s next for Overwatch 2, the annual Winter Wonderland event will begin soon on December 19th. The event brings the game’s first event pass. Players can earn tickets that can be spent on various holiday-themed cosmetics. Maybe a fix for Mercy’s Super Jump exploit will come as part of the Winter Wonderland update. If not, then probably sometime after the start of the new year, perhaps as part of a mid-season update…

Source: Reddit

Mercy can skip the extra 1.5s super jump GA cooldown by cancelling GA at the same time as pressing crouch
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