Sea Of Thieves: It’s Not Even Out Yet On PS5, But Already Worth It For Microsoft!

Rare’s pirate game hasn’t even launched on Sony’s current-gen console yet, but it’s already proving the wisdom of breaking exclusivity.


Pre-orders for the PlayStation 5 version of Sea of Thieves went live on the PlayStation Store a few days ago, and according to Benji Sales, the action-adventure game is already topping the pre-order charts in the US, beating out many popular franchises including MLB The Show 24, Dragon’s Dogma II, and Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree. Although the tweet only spoke about the US charts, Sea of Thieves is already at the top of the charts in France, the UK and Germany. In Spain, Sea of Thieves is in third place.

A few days ago, Rare wrote: “We’re excited to announce that Sea of Thieves is now available for pre-order on PlayStation 5, with three new editions hitting PlayStationStore today. Aspiring corsairs can now pre-order the Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition or Premium Edition of the game from PlayStation Store, each of which comes with a host of perks and bonuses. These bonuses include exclusive cosmetics (Ruby Viper Cutlass, Pistol, Blunderbuss, Eye of Reach) and a Scarlet Storm Parakeet pet with Kraken and Sea Dog outfits.

The story of Rare’s game confirms what we reported in the news the other day: according to Shawn Layden, a former PlayStation executive in the U.S., exclusivity is becoming the Achilles’ heel of games because of their big budgets, and the more platforms they are released on, the bigger audience they can reach, so sales will increase, meaning that Microsoft also makes a lot of money from sales on Sony (Sony’s game on Xbox, MLB The Show, is more popular in North America: it’s a baseball sports game).

Sea of Thieves was released on Xbox One and PC in 2018, and after the Xbox series port, it is now heading to PlayStation 5, where it will be available from April 30 with full cross-play support.

Source: WCCFTech


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