Gru Franchise Almost Certain to hit the 5 Billion Mark

MOVIE NEWS – The three Gru-cinemas so far have brought in 4.64 billion dollars, so with the soon-to-be seen Gru 4, it will almost certainly be possible to cross the dream limit of 5 billion dollars. And this is still a conservative estimate, because Gru 4 is predicted to earn between 900 million and one billion, so the total sum will be closer to six than five billion.


And that doesn’t even include the earnings of the two minion films, spinoffs of the Gru franchise, nor the TV and video productions, much less the Florida-themed amount generated by theme park and so on.

Collect them all!Gru, meanwhile, launched an unprecedented assault on parents’ wallets. From the very beginning, Gru has been one of those franchises for which the related products – the merchandise – bring much more revenue than the animated productions themselves. In time for the upcoming premiere of Gru 4, several global companies have launched a range of related products on the market, from toys to sweets to various clothing items and funny beach accessories. Without claiming to be exhaustive: LEGO, Ferrero, Kellog’s, Just Play, McDonald’s.

(Despicable Me 4 – domestic release: July 4, 2024)

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