The Cat-Phobic Star of A Quiet Place: Day One Was Forced to go to Therapy

MOVIE NEWS – Preparing for a film is often exhausting for the most sought-after actors: some learn to play the piano, some learn to fight, others learn to skydive. However, Lupita Nyong’o, among other things, went to a psychiatrist before filming Soundless: Day One because she was terrified of cats, and the film’s heroine escapes from aliens with such a pet.


The Oscar-winning actress (12 Years a Slave) first experimented by trying to replace the cat with some other animal, but director Michael Sarnoski insisted on the original for concept. “I asked to have at least one armadillo instead of a cat, because I’m not afraid of them, but there was no taker for the idea,” Nynong’O told the American Glamor magazine. “So I was able to go to therapy, where I didn’t learn a lot about cats, but about myself.”

While making the film, the actress liked cats so much that she got one herself, named Yoyo. “It’s so good to take care of someone, and Yoyo is a real role model for me. For example, I learned to relax from him: he just lounges around all day, and it looks like he’s having a damn good time. When he is finally willing to get up, he stretches lustily for a long time, which makes me want to get out of bed and start stretching.”

The expected opening weekend North American revenue of A Quiet Place: Day One has been pegged at just over $40 million by industry experts, which can be considered an impressive result. Expectations are high after the success of the first two parts – the franchise has brought in more than 638 million dollars so far, and a third part will follow after the current prequel.

A Quiet Place: Day One shows the beginning of the alien invasion, when sound-based monsters attack New York and other major cities around the world.In addition to Nyong’o, Joseph Quinn (Stranger Things) and Oscar winner Djimon Hounsou (Blood diamond) are the main characters of the film.

(A Quiet Place: Day One – domestic release: June 27, 2024.)

Source: UIP


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