Marvel Rivals: The Devs are Honored to be Compared to Overwatch

It’s not a criticism for them to compare their game to Blizzard’s, which is understandable because the two games are really similar in genre.


Marvel Rivals is a team-based hero shooter. A hero in this case also means a superhero, but generally means that the character has a different, unique ability and trait. For example, Iron Man can take to the air and attack from above, Spider-Man can hold his own in melee combat, while the Punisher is relentless in his ruthless attacks with his weapons. Putting all of these characters into one game is no easy feat, but Chinese tech giant NetEase has tried to strike the right balance (so Spider-Man can’t always swing around and captivate everyone with his web).

Thaddeus Sasser, the game’s director, says, “We welcome comparisons to Overwatch! Overwatch really helped establish the genre, I think they have a great game. It’s an honor to be compared to a great game. For someone to say it’s like that, but it’s also different and I like it. How else do we make it our own? We put epic destruction in the maps, you can destroy so many of our maps and it really affects the gameplay.

Paul Ella, the game’s production director, adds, “We have a long timeline ahead of us. But we’re also listening to what players are saying. We have up to 230,000 people on our Discord channel. We listen to all that feedback and plan accordingly, and we’re able to pivot accordingly. If things aren’t working, we’re sure the community will tell us. So they’ll be able to react quickly if the audience doesn’t like something, and the destructibility will be able to give players a new strategic platform.

Marvel Rivals does not have a release date yet. NetEase is developing it for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PC and Mac. The project will be interesting in itself because two characters will be able to attack together, allowing Rocket to sit on Groot’s shoulders: Groot will move and Rocket will act as a turret.

Source: VGC

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