[NDD 2024] Super Mario Party Jamboree: Mini Games, Maxi Experiences [VIDEO]

It’s not just hardcore gamers that Nintendo is targeting, and this IP, which has appeared on every platform since Nintendo 64, is rightfully one of the Switch’s best-selling titles.


Super Mario Party has sold over 20 million copies for Nintendo, Mario Party Superstars has also made around 13 million for the big N, and there’s no doubt that Super Mario Party Jamboree will be able to make eight figures (so at least 10 million) in sales as it looks to be one of the Switch’s most successful Mario Party titles compared to the previous two. It could be bigger, prettier and more fun than Super Mario Party and Mario Party Superstars.

Mario and friends arrive on a giant island resort for the latest entry in the Mario Party series! Explore five new game boards: ride the escalators in Rainbow Galleria, stay on track in Roll ’em Raceway, and shake things up with an active volcano in Goomba Lagoon, just to name a few. Two boards from previous Mario Party games also make a return! Plus, there are over 110 mini-games to play – the largest selection in the Mario Party series to date. Experience action-packed challenges, puzzles that test your wits, and some minigames that feature motion controls. If that’s not enough, Koop Pathlon mode lets up to 20 players go head-to-head online. Do your best to come out on top! The biggest Mario Party yet is about to begin.

The Koopathlon mode is a little similar to what Fall Guys offers (maybe that’s where the big N got its inspiration), but in any case, the multiplayer will also offer the chance to destroy friendships, something Mario Party is definitely the frontrunner in. As for Super Mario Party Jamboree, we don’t think there will be a Switch 2 version of it (we’re 100% sure about Metroid Prime 4: Beyond), as it won’t be released on Switch in 2025 either, but on October 17.

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