Elon Musk Plans To Sue A Bunch Of Former X-Employees – Here’s The Reason!

TECH NEWS – Elon Musk wants to sue ex-X employees because he feels they were overcompensated…



Ever since Elon Musk closed the acquisition of Twitter – the social network now known as X – he has been embroiled in controversy. The most recent was the disappearance of the Like function. Users will no longer be able to see content that has been liked by other profiles they follow.

However, Musk’s peculiar “attitude” at the head of X prompted him to sue the company’s former employees with one goal: to get their money back.

As reported in a recent publication of the French portal JeuxVideo, Elon Musk wants to recover part of the money paid to compensate former platform employees. According to the indications, the origin of the claim dates back to January 2023. At the time, the company authorized payments of between $1,500 and $70,000 as a result of the aforementioned layoffs. The problem? According to Musk and his team, there was a problem with the conversion from US dollars to Australian dollars. That’s why they paid more than they should have.


Elon Musk is demanding an immediate refund


As can be seen from the original news, the error occurred a year and a half ago. However, the team in charge of the social network’s finances only now noticed the error. X, therefore, sent letters to the affected ex-employees with the intention of persuading them to repay the overpaid monies.

In addition, they indicated that if they do not cooperate, they intend to initiate legal proceedings in order to collect the money with interest.

Unfortunately for X, this case calls into question the company’s accounting and human resources management. In fact, this is not the first time that the management of layoffs has been problematic. Because there was already a dispute regarding the return of work tools. In addition, the company faces a class-action lawsuit in the United States, due to which 2,200 workers are demanding up to $3.5 million each from the company. As a result, this new case has re-ignited the controversy that has caused X to make negative news on a weekly basis…

Source: JeuxVideo

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