Are Ubisoft and Sony Finally Shooting the Watch Dogs Movie After More Than a Decade?!

MOVIE NEWS – The film adaptation of Watch Dogs is in production after a decade, starring Tom Blyth and Sophie Wilde.



In the case of Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs film adaptation, filming has finally begun a decade after its announcement. The game first caught the public’s attention at E3 2012, with players assuming the role of a hacker as the protagonist in an urban environment controlled by ubiquitous surveillance systems.

Immediately after the unveiling of the game, there were rumours about a possible film adaptation, even before the title’s official release! This idea took solid shape at Sony’s GamesCon press conference in 2016. Here, it was revealed that Ubisoft Partners and New Regency are working together to bring the story of the main character, Aiden Pearce, to the screen.

Mathieu Turi, who will be directing the film, posted the update on Instagram, which is an image showing a movie clapboard with the caption “Lights_Camera_Action.exe”.

Updates on the film’s development have been rare in recent years. Until recently, information appeared only sporadically. Last month, a press release finally broke the silence, confirming that the project is moving forward and that filming could begin this summer. Tom Blyth, known from the prequel The Hunger Games, and Sophie Wilde from Talk to Me will be seen in the leading roles in the film. The screenplay was written by Christie LeBlanc, who was praised for her work on the 2021 Netflix sci-fi film Oxygen.


A hacker’s fight for justice – this is what the film adaptation of Watch Dogs will be about


In Watch Dogs, a skilled hacker named Aiden Pearce seeks revenge after a tragic event befalls his family. Armed with hacking skills, Pearce manipulates Chicago’s infrastructure to deliver justice and control the city, making it a powerful tool along the way.

According to IGN, Jean-Julien Baronnet, CEO of Ubisoft Motion Pictures, expressed optimism about the partnership with Sony and New Regency. He noted that the two companies’ production expertise, along with their respect for Ubisoft’s creative vision, positions the project to expand further the game’s already significant fan base and excitement.

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