Square Enix has released a cinematic trailer for the upcoming open-world RPG Forspoken, which focuses on the life of protagonist Frey.

Forspoken is a Colossal Failure, the Publisher Blames the Critics!

Square Enix is not happy with the…
Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is reportedly seeking to make Saudi Arabia's economy less dependent on oil.

Capcom Games at Incredible Prices: Grab Them While You Can!

Capcom is launching a huge Publisher Sale…
GSC Game World apologises for the delay of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 but sees extra development time as necessary to polish the shooter

Russian Hackers Leaked STALKER 2 Game Material and Threaten More Leaks

GSC Game World is preparing for the…
Cyberpunk 2077 temporarily disables a helpful feature for reasons related to a completely different CD Projekt Red game.

Cyberpunk 2077 Takes Graphics to a New Level at GDC 2023

CD Projekt Red and Nvidia present RT:…
Well, well, well: the rumours weren't lying about The Initiative - they are indeed working on bringing the Perfect Dark IP back, as it was announced during The Game Awards by Microsoft.

The Perfect Dark Reboot Could Make a Big Change to the Gameplay

A new job posting from Crystal Dynamics…

Xbox Game Pass: Brand New Games Coming Mid-March, with a Big Surprise for Dead Space…

Another big announcement for gaming fans: new…

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