MOVIE NEWS - The Prey premise is a clever one: a Comanche warrior will have to take on the Predator.

Prey 2 Incoming? Prey Star Amber Midthunder Talks About A Possible Sequel

MOVIE NEWS – Will Naru return in…

Sylverster Stallone Tried In Vain To Star In The Godfather 50 Years Ago, Got Turned…

MOVIE NEWS – Even though Sylvester Stallone…
MOVIE NEWS - The main character of Breaking Bad: Walt leads, but what if Jesse gets a blue shell?

Breaking Bad and Nintendo Fan Video of Walt and Jesse Racing in Mario Kart! [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – The main character of…
MOVIE NEWS - Matt Smith plays Daemon Targaryen in the Game of Thrones prequel series, and now he's spoken about why he joined the cast of HBO's House of Dragons.

Matt Smith Reveals Why He Joined the Cast Of HBO’s House Of Dragons

MOVIE NEWS – Matt Smith plays Daemon…
Jane Fonda has been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and is starting chemotherapy. The legendary actress and activist shared the news on Instagram on Friday, promising that the diagnosis won't slow her down.

Jane Fonda Seriously Ill, She Shared Details on the Instagram

MOVIE NEWS – Jane Fonda has been…
MOVIE NEWS - Christian Bale's detective Christian Bale will star alongside Edgar Allan Poe in The Pale Blue Eye.

Christian Bale Plays A Detective In A Gothic Murder Story, With Not Just Anyone!

MOVIE NEWS – Christian Bale’s detective Christian…

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