Sony is going to install several Bravia X90C 4K Ultra HD sets into the lemurs and langurs' enclosures in the Port Lympne reservate in Kent, UK. The TV sets are going to show the natural habitats of the primates (Java and Madagascar), which will allow them to know their new homes early, helping their return to the wilderness in the process.

Sony Bravia for animals – Funny effects of the 4K screen

Sony isn’t just known for their PlayStation…
SEGA announced that the Yakuza 5 North American (and hopefully the European as well!) launch will happen in mid-November.

Double dose of Yakuza: 0 and 5 [VIDEO]

Yes, we’re going to talk about two…
Bandai Namco is returning to the Ace Combat franchise, which will receive a new installment soon.

Ace Combat 7 is announced, and with VR support to boot [VIDEO]

Bandai Namco is returning to the Ace…
Hitman Agent 47

Hitman reboot’s beta release date [VIDEO]

Hitman‘s reboot looks interesting. IO Interactive’s game…
When Square Enix announced a Final Fantasy VII remake at E3 2015, it was a great result for the company, who had to get back on its legs especially after the 2014 PlayStation Experience's failure of announcing a Final Fantasy VII port, which is barely more than a sloppy PS1 port to the PS4.

Final Fantasy VII Remake – It will be episodic!

When Square Enix announced a Final Fantasy…
Ni No Kuni quickly became one of the hidden gems of the PlayStation 3. The game, which was originally released for the Nintendo DS, got a PlayStation 3 port. It became available in Japan in 2011, and worldwide in early 2013 under the subtitle Wraith of the White Witch.

Surprise, Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom announcement! [VIDEO]

Ni No Kuni quickly became one of…
And look how gorgeous it is going to be! Although the PlayStation 3's Future trilogy looked quite decent

Ratchet & Clank – A gameplay demo and the release dates [VIDEO]

PlayStation Experience was not missed by Insomniac…
So all we can hope for is a quality rearrangement on Uematsu's originals, not bastardizing his work in the end. This would make the remake a decent one on at least the audio aspect, but then again, we haven't heard the voice acting yet...

Final Fantasy VII Remake – Gameplay footage from the PSX! [VIDEO]

So far, Final Fantasy VII was mentioned…
Uncharted 4: A Thief's End out on March 18, 2016, as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – Brothers’ meet, Telltale-style! [VIDEO]

Naughty Dog managed to put the same…
There's also going to be a Digital Apex edition, which will only give us the digital goodies, so the Legend of the Mammoth missions, the Blood Shasti Club and the enhancement packs will be available.

Far Cry Primal: New videos, Deluxe Edition [VIDEO]

During The Game Awards, Ubisoft showed several…