No information is known about the staff or even a release window... although seeing how almost four years have passed since the announcement, something should be done for the movie already. When is it going to be done?

New Metro Game – Not In 2017 After All?

Metro‘s Facebook page goes against the notion.…
The previous rumors about a free trial have been confirmed - we wonder when the PC will get a free weekend. (Probably later in September!)

A Free, Decent Rally Game, But With Strings Attached?

Humble Bundle offers a free PC game…
Is Bioware slowly dying?

Mass Effect: Andromeda Is NOT The Start Of A New Trilogy!

Bioware might not develop another two games…
The architecture is the same, and despite the CPU and the GPU having higher clock speeds, there isn't any significant difference.

Rumor: Did Microsoft Reveal Project Scorpio At E3 Because Of Sony?

It looks like Microsoft‘s Project Scorpio E3…

Infinite Warfare + Windows 10 = “It’s Activision’s fault,” says Microsoft

The Redmond-based Microsoft blames Activision for the…
We deserve to be in fear. Metro Redux was just an empty balloon, a basic current-gen re-release. Give us a new episode on PlayStation 4/Xbox One/PC!

A New Metro Game! But When?

Dmitry Glukhovsky is coming back – the…
The company has been sued for alleged harassment, abuse and discrimination against its employees and it now has an effect on World of Warcraft as well.

Blizzard: Warcraft 4: Yes, 1-2 Remasters: No!

Blizzard revealed a few plans for the…

Capcom: Porting Games To Switch; Resident Evil Talks

One of the key partners of the…
We'll see next year. Hopefully, the Bioware-departed people will not affect Andromeda.

Mass Effect Andromeda – Everything We Know (So Far) [VIDEO]

Yesterday was N7 Day, and Bioware ignited…
DDoS - World of Warcraft Classic - Brutal success of World of Warcraft Classic on the day of its launch

Vanilla World Of Warcraft Is Returning, But Not Officially

Nostalrius‘ legacy is going to continue! In…

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