They’re Already Thinking About a Sequel to Strays

CINEMA NEWS – The official premiere of the comedy “Strays” has not yet taken place, but based on the previews, it promises to be a great success, so the Universal studio is thinking about a sequel.


Strays seems such a promising venture because it turns a well-established genre on its head, and also masterfully, as its first critics claim. It is a cruel parody of family films featuring cute dogs. Today’s four-legged animals are not lap dogs or diligent working dogs, but embittered, cynical, complex animals who have been trampled by life. Still, they follow a solid moral code, but they swear like the coachman all the time and have their own well-founded opinions about warped bipeds. The story itself is a cruel revenge drama: four stray dogs want to avenge the wrongs of one of them, Reggie, on his drug addict, lumpenproletarian owner. Due to the brutal action and the use of words that do not tolerate printing ink, “Strays” is a work with a strict age limit, as it dissects specifically adult themes.

According to ScreenRant, the studio may continue to develop the sequel. While Reggie, who was knocked out in the first episode, continues his career as a mentor to other outcast dogs, viewers can get to know the origin stories of the other three protagonists. There is serious potential in this, since the dogs, with a significant history behind them, decided to choose a free-roaming life instead of the miserable owner’s dog life.

(Strays – domestic release: August 17, 2023.)

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