Hold on... looks like Telltale will keep their word and will indeed release the game in the fall of 2015 on both the PS4 and the PS3.

The Walking Dead: Michonne – It might happen very soon

Telltale was somewhat of a disappointment during…
Maybe Bloodborne will be able to win this year's title, and it'd be amazing, because the other contenders are Fallout 4, The Witcher 3, Super Mario Maker and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - we'll see soon!

The Game Awards 2015: Five PS4-exclusives

Although Sony didn’t release a lot of…

Pornhub: Our traffic decreased, because…

Pornhub had a quite humorous announcement about…
Then, there is The Wanderer live action trailer, which perfectly represents the dead city of Boston. Because of the quality, we can't help but wonder whether Bethesda is planning a Fallout movie or not.

Fallout 4: Did it dethrone Call of Duty Black Ops III? Yes, it did

Call of Duty: Black Ops III ended…
Thankfully, the French developers thought of these gamers, so Max and Chloe's adventures can be put on the shelves shortly. Thanks, Square Enix!

Life is Strange is receiving a physical release

Life is Strange ended on October 20…
It's still a good thing: Sony will have to work harder - competition usually brings the best out of both companies.

PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One – Who won in October?

Microsoft and Sony have been fighting in…
In the end, the 2015 Street Fighter World Champion can take home a quarter million dollars.

PlayStation Experience: Over 100 playable games [VIDEO]

Sony will have its yearly PlayStation Experience…

PlayStation Store: The top PS4 games and DLCs in October

Our laziness, the fast internet – depending…
Recently we do see a ton of current-gen ports. Although there are some that are reasonable (Grand Theft Auto V, or hell, we can even say The Last of Us), but there are some pointless ports too (Risen 3, ArcaniA), and we can keep listing them. Metro 2033, Dark Souls 2, Darksiders, Final Fantasy games... and even PlayStation-games got this kind of treatment too.

EA & Reddit: Bribing mods to promote Battlefront?

We have heard good and bad things…
Seeing how Night Dive plans to release this remake as a multiplatform title, we can expect it to show up on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One too.

A System Shock remake is being developed by Night Dive

System Shock was a great game two…

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