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The Lord Of The Rings: Gollum, which is going to use the Unreal Engine, is set to launch in 2021 on PC, as well as „all relevant consoles platforms at the time,” meaning it will likely target the next-gen PlayStation, the next-gen Xbox, and the stronger Nintendo Switch that was rumoured earlier this week. (Also, maybe the Google Stadia as well.)

Gollum Is Getting A Game: The Lord Of The Rings: Gollum Is Announced!

Daedalic Entertainment (who previously developed the Deponia…
Samurai Shodown - The more you will get hit, the higher your Rage Gauge will go.

Samurai Shodown: The Resurrection Will Not Be On Just PlayStation 4! [VIDEO]

The weapon-based fighting game will swing its…
Beyond a Steel Sky - Beneath the Steel Sky - The culmination of Revolution’s 30 years of developing adventure games, Beyond a Steel Sky evolves and redefines the adventure genre,” the press release says.

Beyond A Steel Sky: Back To The Cyberpunk Future! [VIDEO]

Beneath a Steel Sky (which was a…
We forewarn you: if you haven't played the third episode (Broken Toys) yet, you might find spoilers in the video below. Let's take a look at the official synopsis of the final episode, dubbed Take Us Back: „Clementine and AJ’s journey is nearly at its end, but with an explosive cliffhanger before the finale, how will the survivors fare against foes both alive and undead?” The Walking Dead: The Final Season's last episode is available from March

The Walking Dead (Telltale / Skybound): The End Is Here! [VIDEO]

We’re turning onto the finish straight; the…
If we follow Nintendo's naming methods, then we could possibly say that the two other Switch consoles could be called Nintendo Switch XL and Nintendo Switch Lite, both coming possibly in just mere months.

The Nintendo Switch Family Might Expand Way Before You Think!

Wall Street Journal continues the rumour what…
"It's no secret that Cuphead is a direct descendant of retro action games like Contra on NES, so it's amazing to finally have one of our games on a Nintendo platform," said one of the studio's directors, Chad Moldenhauer.

Cuphead Will Be Out On Nintendo Switch! The Launch Trailer is Great Fun! [VIDEO]

The Studio MDHR video game will be…
Sniper Elite 4 - For precision aiming, you must hold your breath back.

Rebellion Announces Four Sniper Elite Projects! [VIDEO]

The sniping continues… „I am delighted to…
The racing game that was based on the Star Wars film that came out two decades ago, looks promising in a modern coat of paint.

Star Wars Episode I: Racer’s Unreal Engine 4 Remake Is Glorious! [VIDEO]

The racing game that was based on…

Devil May Cry 5: Data Mining Was A Success!

There’s no escape from the data miners.…

Apex Legends Dethrones Fortnite! [VIDEO]

Epic Games‘ battle royale game was overtaken…

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