Another Major Leak From Nintendo’s Servers! [VIDEO]

The weekend’s biggest moment is how a ton of files have leaked from Nintendo‘s servers – prototypes, source code, emulators…

The „gigaleak” happened on July 24 and July 25, and a lot of things have been uncovered thanks to it. We’ll say a few examples: the full development repository of the Ensada DS emulator, Pokémon Diamond & Pearl (along with its Korean font conversion tool), the cancelled GBA peripheral, the NetCard, then the source code of Star Fox, Star Fox 2, Link’s Awakening DX, Yoshi’s Island, Super Mario Kart, F-Zero or Link to the Past… and then we didn’t even go into what the Nintendo 64 leaks include.

There’s more: according to the leak, Super Mario All-Stars, the complete SNES remake collection of the first three Super Mario Bros. games (plus The Lost Levels, the Japan-only original SMB2, as the West received a modified Doki Doki Panic), seems to have been planned as a release on the SNES CD (which never came to fruition, thanks to Nintendo and Sony parting ways – the Nintendo Play Station is a memento of a what-if…?) as Super Mario CD. Then there are a lot of Yoshi’s Island prototypes (including one that was even called Super Mario Bros. 5 – in Japan, Super Mario World WAS called SMB4 – you can see this build below) – and even a ton of prototype assets have been found, not to mention the China-only iQue.

We are not going to provide direct links because we are not interested in reading cease-and-desist messages by Nintendo’s lawyers. You can find everything if you search for the term gigaleak. The whole thing popped up on 4chan, it might be related to the leaks in May that we also discussed back then. So a few embed tweets should be a good closure: a prototype Yoshi, a prototype DK, and an early Koopa Troopa. They look better in their retail form…

Source: GameSpot

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