Spider-Man - The City Never Sleeps DLC will have three portions. Each one will have its unique villain, as well their separate missions, storylines, challenges, and suits.

Spider-Man: The Game References Spider-Man: Far From Home With Its New Update

Despite having launched almost ten months ago…
We now hear from game developers that instead of buying keys from a grey (?) market site called G2A, we should just torrent their games altogether...

Multiple Developers Recommend Piracy Over G2A!

We now hear from game developers that…
So with The Sinking City, Frogwares opted to show the messed up world of Cthulhu through the eyes of a detective haunted by visions about a flooded city. Which actually would work, as you would be forced to uncover these harrowing unknowns things due to the nature of your line of work. Plus they also already know their way around having main characters as detectives, but it still fails on a lot of levels. Not because of the storylines though but because of the gameplay.

The Sinking City – The Bottom of the Barrel

The Bottom of the Barrel
A Way Out - During the conference, Patrick Söderlund, Executive Vice President of EA Worldwide Studios said that Hazelight's game is everything that EA Originals was meant to be. This program, which was announced one year ago, launched due to the success of Unravel.

A Way Out’s Developer Prefers Linear Games

A Way Out‘s developer, Josef Fares, who…
Creating a demo of the game would take up a lot of resources right now, says CD Projekt RED, also noting that the game won’t join the Xbox Game Pass lineup.

CD Projekt RED Works On More Than One Cyberpunk Project!

For CD Projekt RED, Cyberpunk 2077 is…
PlayStation Plus - OPINION - In a few days, January will come to an end. It means that Sony will have to announce the February free games for the PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Attention! The PlayStation Plus July Line-Up Has CHANGED! [VIDEO]

Was there ever a case before where…
Alan Wake Remedy recently held a very detailed Q&A detailing the PC version's machine requirements and what the different console generations can deliver in terms of graphics.

Alan Wake’s Rights Are Back With Remedy

The Finnish developer team now has the…
PlayStation 5 - Sony has not said anything similar when they revealed the first details about the next-gen PlayStation (which, for the lack of an official name, will be called the PlayStation 5).

Will The PlayStation 5 Be Four Times Stronger Than The PlayStation 4?

Both Sony and Microsoft promise the next…
According to one insider, GTA 6 will be Rockstar's only game this generation

The First Serious Details Of Grand Theft Auto 6?

On Reddit, a detailed, bullet-pointed post showed…
PlayStation 5 - We’re really excited about what the next generation PlayStation will do.

The PlayStation 5 Will Be „Hardcore!”

The next-generation PlayStation console, which has no…

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