TECH NEWS - The company is launching a new subscription model that will give you access to games from past generations of PlayStation. PS Plus Extra. PS Plus Premium.

PS Plus Premium: A Bunch Of PS1 Games & Extra Features Announced!

TECH NEWS – PS Plus Premium confirms…
Contrary to popular belief, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots was never going to be a PlayStation 3 exclusive.

Metal Gear Solid 4: This Is The Reason Why It Never Came Out On Xbox!

Contrary to popular belief, Metal Gear Solid…
However, not only Microsoft is ahead of Sony with safety! Blizzard and Valve with their and Steam systems respectively also already have this safety feature.

Will PlayStation Network Be Available On PC?

One of the job offers from Sony…
Square Enix's mythical RPG saga transports us to a bloody fantasy world.

Final Fantasy XVI: Square Enix Doesn’t Want An In-House Rival? [VIDEO]

The Japanese publisher is cautious with two…
We think that all games of previous consoles should be supported right from the start for new generations, but nothing can be perfect.

The Best PS2 Emulator Finally Gets A User-Friendly Interface

The emulator hasn’t had a very polished…
The new video game of the racing saga: Test Drive Unlimited debuts its first teaser and promises a huge open-world at 1: 1 scale.

Will The New Test Drive Unlimited Be A Next-Gen Exclusive Release?

Nacon has confirmed that their upcoming open-world…
Let's hope that Death Stranding will launch this year on PlayStation 4.

Did Kojima Respond To Death Stranding 2 With A Tweet?

Hideo Kojima has reacted in his usual…
Sony revealed further details about its previously announced PlayStation VR-headset for the PlayStation 5 at CES (Consumer Electronics Show).

Is Sony Also Planning A PlayStation VR2 Show? [VIDEO]

June will be a strong month in…
Unlike the two productions mentioned above, however, in Evil Dead: The Game, well-armed solo players can defend themselves using gunpowder and well-placed punches to crush undead skulls; this is where Saber Interactive's multiplayer production stands out from the competition.

Evil Dead The Game – As Good As The Sam Raimi Films?

As Good As The Sam Raimi Films?

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