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According to one analyst, Sony is preparing to acquire FromSoftware. If this information proves to be accurate, it will add another big name to the PlayStation Studios roster.

A PlayStation Boss Hinted At A FromSoftware acquisition, Then Denied It!

The logic is a little hard to…
According to Axios, changes in Sony's business operations have reportedly led to the closure of these PlayStation divisions. PlayStation Support.

Sony Is Working To Strengthen Its PC Strategy

Following the launch of Sony’s PC division…
The Ukrainian developers answered a few questions, giving us some new information about the young investigator's story.

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One is Coming To One Older Console, But Not The Other!

…and it’s probably better to give up…
Make your mark on Formula 1 in the officially licensed F1 Manager 2022. Choose your team and be the boss with the entire 2022 roster of staff and drivers. Featuring complete F1 licensing and a true-to-life presentation, you won't just play F1 Manager 2022—you'll live it.

F1 22: A New Generation Of Cars While Eradicating The Past [VIDEO]

Electronic Arts and Codemasters don’t want us…
2K (=Take-Two) and Gearbox Software, part of the Embracer Group, announced at PAX East 2022 during the Gearbox show that they will be taking over from Telltale and making a new Tales from the Borderlands.

The New Tales From The Borderlands Is Being Developed In-House!

2K (=Take-Two) and Gearbox Software, part of…
And we also learned about how Days Gone, the current Sony Interactive Bend Studio game, might not have reached eight million sales after all.

4 Syphon Filter Games Got Rated In South Korea: Heading To PlayStation Plus?

It’s almost 100% certain that the South…
PlayStation renews the titles offered on its service with a selection to suit all tastes PS Plus Bloober Team. PS Plus Extra. PS Plus Premium.

PlayStation Plus: The Switching Schedule; Service Expansion In Many Countries!

Sony will be making the switch at…
The writer and lead designer of the 2000 game is not ruling out a remake, or at least a remaster.

The PS1 Spider-Man’s Developer Is Keen To Work On A Remake

The writer and lead designer of the…
Housemarque has been very active in promoting Returnal lately, which is not surprising, as it is a successful game that they are still working on.

Jane Perry Adresses Negative Comments On Returnal’s Selene’s Looks!

Jane Perry, the voice actress of Selene…
Project Q will be a battle royale game. The problem is that Ubisoft has already had a go at it with Hyper Scape, so that history might repeat itself.

Project Q: After The Leak, Ubisoft Announced It [VIDEO]

The French publisher had its hands tied:…

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