Plane carrying Sony president diverted due to bomb threat

Talk about a shitty Sunday. In the mornign we had to wake up to the news that the entire PlayStation Network was down due to DDOS attacks, and today we learn that an American Airlines plane carrying Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley has been diverted due to a bomb threat.

And, in a sick kind of turn of events, it seems that the two incidents are somehow connected. Smedley confirmed the news via Twitter, saying “Something about security and our cargo. Sitting on Tarmac”.

The hacker group who took responsibility for the PSN DDOS attack has threatened to carry out a threat to American Airlines flight 362, posting an image of an e-ticket that reportedly belonged to Smedly. They carried out several threats via Twitter, before all tweets were deleted (except this one).


It’s not sure if the plane diversion was due to the tweets themselves or if there was another, unrelated incident. The plane was headed to San Diego, but was diverted and landed in Phoenix instead. American Airlines confirmed that the plane was diverted for security reasons.

The authorities are of course taking this very seriously. The PSN network attack has blocked access to network, and in some cases, access to games (despite the PlayStation 4 not having always-on requirements).

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