Sony’s XDEV Studio, are bringing the Super Stardust series to the PS4

Super Stardust Ultra the latest entry in the twin-stick planetary shooter franchise is a mixture of an upgrade from the previous versions and a sequel. Ultra includes new content such as supplementary levels, over nine game modes (some of them are brand new), and it gets together content from the other games in the Super Stardust history.

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Of course – like with most remasters – Ultra will have some visual improvements. Super Stardust Ultra also takes advantage of the PS4’s “interact” feature when streaming. XDEV’s Mark O’Connor stated that viewers can “vote periodically to change up your gameplay as they watch.” What exactly that means isn’t really clear so far.

Split-screen multiplayer is back in Ultra and better than better. The player count has been boosted from two to four for this game. You can battle against them or combine your skills in co-op.

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