[E3 2015] Six surprises from Square Enix [VIDEO]

For the first time, this year, we will see Square Enix have a conference on their own at E3. There are already five games confirmed to be mentioned on their show. These games would be the following:
Final Fantasy XIV : Heavensward
Just Cause 3
Deus Ex : Mankind Divided
Dragon Quest Heroes
Life is Strange
No big surprises there: Just Cause 3 will be out this year, Life is Strange turned out to be a successful episodic game, Final Fantasy XIV still has potential in the eyes of Square Enix, Dragon Quest Heroes is a new – albeit spinoff – title after several years and let’s face it, Deus Ex is a big hope for the publisher. But wait, they said that there will also be six surprise titles. Our guesses are: Kingdom Hearts 3, Star Ocean 5, Final Fantasy XII HD remake (they have been making these recently), Final Fantasy XV (would they really skip this chance?), and no idea on the last two. We’ll see on Tuesday.

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