Shovel Knight is going on shelves

Yacht Club GamesShovel Knight is a great game. We also enjoyed this retro-looking, but still outstanding story of the knight with that shovel in his hands. We’re not alone with this, because there’s good sales for the game as well: it managed to hit over 700 thousand downloads since release, which is a respectable result for one of the best Metroidvania titles out there.

Shovel Knight 1

So, it’s no wonder that Shovel Knight is going to get a physical release on no less than five platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U and 3DS, as well as PC, although this last one is a Europe-exclusive release. The release date is October 13 in the States and October 16 in Europe – the recommended price is going to be 20 dollars/euros, respectively. The disc version will contain all the DLCs (Spectre Knight‘s and King Knight‘s campaign, Battle mode and Body Swap mode), as well as a paper manual, which is a rare sight nowadays. Yacht Club Games will take the role as the publishers themselves – for a price this low, we’d say it’s recommended to pick the Knight up!

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