Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 – A new trailer arrived [VIDEO]

Activision and Robomodo came out with a new trailer for Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5… and we wish they have never done that. Still, most of the video is still showing the same two levels (THPS1’s hangar and THPS2’s School), although finally, something new is shown here and there… while the release is less than three months away.

However, we’re still not optimistic about this game: the animations are something like seen in PS2 games, the textures and the levels in general look and feel outdated, the lighting is bad – it’s the same thing as THPSHD. Activision seemingly doesn’t care about the game’s quality whatsoever, so the game is likely to flop big time, unless there is going to be some new and very promising levels aside from the level editor ones. And even then, it’s possible that they will be locked behind DLC paywalls, not available on launch day…

The PlayStation version’s preorderers receive three extra heads for their custom skaters. They can have Sackboy’s, Sweeth Tooth’s or Ratchet’s head on their skater. The multiplayer, which will be not available in the PS3/X360 versions, will have dedicated Freeskate servers, acting as hubs, with a 20-player limit.
This is awful, keep it up Robomodo, you will get 0 out of 4 successful games in October!

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