The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Here’s the 1.07 patch, prepare your hard drives!

CD Projekt RED’s game, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt stepped out to the public in the middle of May, but the Polish team doesn’t leave the game behind that easily. (Especially because of the free DLCs.) And now, here’s the latest patch as well, but this one brings up a slightly different situation compared to the usual happenings we have gotten used to…


Where the hell is the 1.06 patch, you might ask. Nowhere. On consoles, at least – CDPR jumped a number on PS4/XB1, so for us, here’s 7 after 5. However, 1.07 is quite large, because it takes no less than seven and a half gigabytes! It fixes quite a lot of things, but it also focuses on the performance for a better experience. On consoles, the game dropped under thirty frames at several places, the patch tries to fix this. The patch also brought a ton of quest fixes, so we can kinda understand the size now.

The patch is already available, so you can download it right away.

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