Mortal Kombat X: Tremor’s entrance [VIDEO UPDATED]

Already?! – Yes, Netherrealm didn’t wait a lot after putting Predator out to the players, because during EVO, Ed Boon and co announced the next DLC character, Tremor, who’s – literally – rock solid. But we’re wondering about this shorter timeframe between releasing Predator and Tremor… is there a second season Pass in progress? Wouldn’t be surprising, honestly…
So, Tremor. When is he going to be available?

Prepare for this: for Kombat Pack owners, they can jump on him tomorrow (!) already, and for others, it’s out after the same one-week delay wait. Tremor is using the ground the most as his weapon, but he can also just crush Jax’s rockets like wooden sticks. It’s weird, but actually, it makes sense! We can also see a fatality in the trailer, following the norm. The bones are breaking, as expected. But the end of the video, saying Who’s Next? really makes us think about a possible second Season Pass in progress, we’ll see soon if our fears were valid or not.

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