China fully opens its gates to the consoles

Back in 2000, the Chinese Communist Party has decided to apply a ban on consoles throughout China, which happened to get into action just around the corner for the PlayStation 2’s launch there – the Xbox and the Gamecube didn’t even have a chance to have an official launch in the country. This time period is over, although 2014 already saw a transitional year for the sales of consoles and games…

Shanghai’s Free-Trade Zone already gave the opportunity to Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony to all have their items sold, but the removal of the ban means something else for them. They will now be able to manufacture and sell the games and consoles all around China. The predictions for game-, and console sales are around 22 billion dollars just for this year, so the Chinese market can be quite important later on… unless the censorship doesn’t allow some games to be officially sold. (Hong Kong is a grey area for a solution, but it’s risky.)

The Sony reaction to this was quite short: „It’s great news for us” – yes, but they have to get more than six games available for sale there, although it’s not entirely Sony’s fault…

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