Sony: Smaller and more concise games for the Project Morpheus

Sony Computer Entertainment’s American CEO, Shawn Lawden has reported that despite over thirty virtual reality games are being in development for the Project Morpheus headset, their aim is to make them smaller and more concise in the end.
Logically, you would think that Sony will go for a different VR developing strategy… and you would be correct with that assumption. Their aim is not to make us play the game for over fifty hours to get a good experience, but instead to make the games shorter and more concise to have that said experience more concentrated. So basically, they want short, but kicking games – it makes perfect sense: longer usage of the virtual reality can end up headache-inducing, and this step can avoid that perfectly.

However, our question is still lingering around: when can we actually see the final results of these titles? So far, we mainly just saw techdemos, which might be better than nothing, but these are still far from the final games that we can play. Sure, good work needs time, and if we don’t get terrible VR games, we might be just fine. Especially because Oculus Rift is also giving Sony a healthy rivalry and a run for their money…

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