What a shock: a new Battlefield game is in development. Release date is also known!

It looks like Electronic Arts have left their Medal of Honor franchise behind again, after 2012’s Warfighter, which silently and unsurprisingly has left via the back door. This was forgotten quickly after 2013’s Battlefield 4, which was released for both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, but this year’s Battlefield 4 title, Hardline was below the average quality of the franchise again.

Despite all of this, Electronic Arts’ latest financial earniings call has unveiled that the next title – which will not be a spin-off as Hardline was – is in development, and it’s going to be released next year – we wouldn’t be surprised to see it pop up in the October-November timeframe in 2016. However, the game doesn’t have a name yet: the militia-themed game might be Battlefield 5, or, it might actually be Battlefield 2143. The latter one wouldn’t be surprising, seeing how Call of Duty’s Advanced Warfare and the in-progress Black Ops III both have taken cues from one certain Titanfall. Plus, the last futuristic Battlefield game, 2142, was released almost nine years ago – so it might be time to return to the future…

We only want one thing to happen: a decent launch. Battlefield 4 had a rocky start – especially the PC version got the short end of the stick in the early days/weeks. There’s no excuse anymore: by the launch of the next BF game, the current-gen consoles will be out for three years!

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