Konami: Only PES games will be AAA titles from them

Konami has pulled off another unbelievable move – after putting the Silent Hills project on ice (effectively making Guillermo del Toro to retire from video game development entirely), removing the P.T. entirely from PlayStation Store, then kicking Hideo Kojima and his team out (who released Metal Gear Solid V in an unfinished state), they now announced that their AAA game development will be scaled back and the only series they will continue on this level will be Pro Evolution Soccer.

Sure, they will finish up Metal Gear Online – which will launch in October -, but after that, that football series will be the only AAA project. Nothing else. Forget Castlevania, Contra, Yu-Gi-Oh!, also Metal Gear and BEMANI games. You will get nothing on AAA scale anymore. Finita, la commedia.

Go play Pachinko and mobile games, because this is Konami‘s focus now – we don’t want to go in detail here, because there is going to be an opinion piece of it soon. The only other thing we would say about is that the swan song ended up as Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – and even then, it is an unfinished game, you can feel the change of direction in it. Sadly.

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