Here’s the 3.00 PlayStation 4 firmware! [VIDEO]

We have talked about the upcoming new PlayStation 4 firmware several times, as Sony was betatesting the 3.00 update. Back then, we guessed that the release date would be around the end of September, and we were absolutely correct! The new update rolls out today, and it brought several new things – after all, it’s a big jump from 2.57 to version 3,00…

Thanks to this firmware update, you will now be able to stream directly to YouTube (making it the third site after Twitch and Ustream), upload short videos to Twitter, save screenshots in PNG file format for better quality, the Events tab arrives, which details popular games’ happenings, get a direct way to reach PS Plus from the main menu, and speaking of PS Plus: the online cloud storage is going to be raised from a low 1 gigabyte to a decent 10 GB in size; and last, but not least, Messages get a brief update with stickers.
There is a short video, which details the updates. It’s worth to upgrade as soon as possible – after all, PS Plus subscribers will get more space!

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