Hitman – Initial launch, upgrade plans detailed

IO Interactive has delayed Hitman in an unexpected fashion from December 15 to March 2016, but after seeing the game running during the EGX presentation (which we wrote about), it was visible that the game ran a little… too choppy at some points, so launching the game in December might have been technically awful. However, the devs have detailed how Hitman Agent 47 will step out to the players in March.

First, they finalized the release date, which is now set to March 11, 2016. They also detailed what the game will launch with at this point. There will be three locations – Paris, Sapienza and Marrakech -, with six campaign missions, 40 signature kills, Contracts mode with over 800 targets (this is where players can create custom missions with the targets), plus weekly live hits and events. If you want just this, you can get the Intro Pack digitally for 35 dollars. However, updates will launch in April, May and June: new campaign missions, three more locations (Thailand, United States and Japan), new signature kill moves, new Contracts targets will await us. You can buy this separately in the Upgrade pack, for 30 dollars. However, if you pay the full sixty bucks, you will get these updates for free upon their launch. Pre-ordering can net you a beta testing opportunity, but only on PS4 and PC!


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