Konami: Metal Gear can move on without Kojima! [VIDEO]

Hideo Kojima was booted out of Konami, although he still made sure to release Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain… which ended up in stores in an unfinished format for multiple reasons. After this, he will not be involved in any sequels, as Konami will still work on them. It’s questionable though: one day they say that no AAA games will be made anymore outside PES, the other day they deny this. It’s no more than a huge catastrophy all around.

Graham Day, the UK Community Manager of Konami has given an interview to Gameondaily, and he says that Metal Gear can continue without the involvement of Kojima. He brought up PlatinumGames’ Metal Gear Rising as an example, as he said that Kojima had little involvement in that. (But he had some, which is still better than nothing, so Day’s logic is pretty much questionable…)
For fans, The Phantom Pain was the last real Metal Gear game, so if the sequel won’t be an AAA title, we’d just like to ask this: what the hell is the point of that then?

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