PlayStation Plus receives a holiday commercial – Is this where the players are? [VIDEO]

Sony didn’t forget about their PlayStation Plus service when it comes to the holiday season marketing overload. After all, they have to make good use of the bigger amounts of money spent worldwide, so most of their services get a trailer to make them purchased even more. We have already seen a Battlefront commercial, a PS4 ad, a TV-spot, and many more; this time, it’s PS Plus‘ turn.

Is it worth subscribing to PlayStation Plus? Why, of course! You can’t play multiplayer on PlayStation 4 without it, but at least you can get several games for free each month. You can also buy stuff on the Store for (even) cheaper prices, and we can’t forget about the cloud service either – it gives you ten gigabytes of free space to hold your save data in safety, in case anything happens.

About the pricing: one month costs ten bucks, a 3-month membership takes 18 dollars, and a 12-month subscription is 50 dollars in the United States. It still looks like a reasonable offer – let’s just hope that Sony will finally put together a very strong free game line-up for PS Plus subscribers in December!

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