Dying Light: The Following and the Season Pass to receive a price raise!

It’s a rare sight to see a developer raise the price of an upcoming DLC or a Season Pass to a game that has been already out for several months in stores – whether actual shops or digital networks -, but Techland just did it. According to the devs, the project has become larger than the original plans – because of this, they had to resort to pushing the prices up a notch.

The Following DLC, which is very close to being a standalone game – just like Saints Row IV: Gat out of Hell – is pretty much complete, as the main/side quests, the skills and the driving challenges are implemented. Techland is fine-tuning the DLC, making the release very close.

Despite the state of The Following, it is going to launch in early 2016 on PS4/Xbox One/PC, which will cost not 15, but 20 dollars from December 8. The Season Pass will get that price hike on the same day too: it’s going to cost us not 20, but 30 dollars.

While it’s a reasonable announcement by Techland, can we just ask how The Following has become a large-scale project?

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