Beyond: Two Souls – PS3 vs. PS4 framerate test [VIDEO]

DigitalFoundry completed the obligatory framerate comparison of Beyond: Two Souls‘ 2013 PlayStation 3 original and the recently released PlayStation 4 port. You can find the current version of the game only in digital format on the PS Store, but it’s very likely that it will get a physical edition alongside Heavy Rain‘s upcoming PS4 port – this game will release on March 1.
While the PS3 original of Beyond: Two Souls can easily drop from 30 fps into the twenties, the PS4 edition keeps the framerate very stable.

This is expected because the new console has more powerful hardware. It’s still a weird thing to see that the port doesn’t go for 60 FPS. Although we have to admit it: Quantic Dream‘s game received a significant graphical boost – and this will also apply to Heavy Rain as well, going by the first few screenshots.
Don’t forget, if you buy Beyond‘s PS4 port, Sony will give you a so far undisclosed amount of price cut, if you buy Heavy Rain‘s current-gen port.

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