Full Throttle Remastered – A full throttle towards the PS4 and the Vita!

Tim Schafer seems to be very active nowadays in the gaming scene. Double Fine was appearing on our screens several times this year – we reviewed those games too. However, they are already focusing on the future. They are now reworking a LucasArts game from 1995 called Full Throttle, whose Remastered, modernized version was announced during the PlayStation Experience.

If LucasArts, think of adventure games: Full Throttle is one of those SCUMM-engine games. In it, we will control Ben in the dystopian future of 2040, sometimes riding that certain Highway 9 in the desert setting. The original game had that certain LucasArts touch to it: if we ended up „dying”, Ben always had a quirky line to drop because of our failure. It’s going to be interesting to see this game in a modern coat.

Full Throttle Remastered is going to arrive in 2017 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and PC. The question: will Double Fine be able to use the licensed music from The Gone Jackals?

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  1. Hickie Erica says:

    I played it on my old Mac machine, it was fun! It’s a great LucasArts product.

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