Robinson: The Journey – Crytek and their interesting inspiration

Crytek is going to enter into the world of virtual reality – Robinson: The Journey is currently in development for the PlayStation VR, but the game can also be ported to other platforms later. It’s going to be a first-person adventure game. It sounds good, but it turns out that the inspiration behind the game was something entirely unexpected. (That’s alright, after all, inspiration can strike randomly.)

Crytek was inspired by a NASA documentary which was about the mission to Mars. This was confirmed by the game’s executive producer Elijah Freeman in his interview given to Game Informer. The documentary inspired the team to make a game based on exploration. The dinosaurs have two roles in the Robinson – they not only represent the wild nature but also act as the risk of exploration.

Hopefully, we will see some gameplay of Robinson: The Journey – we’re going to see this game in action to get an accurate opinion about Crytek‘s game.

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