PlayStation 4: A successful Linux installation! [VIDEO]

A team called failOverflow managed to pull off the seemingly impossible task: they were able to install a Linux operating system on a PlayStation 4. They didn’t mention any details, but the bug is possibly identified. This bug allowed the crew to install their OS – wrote Engadget.

The bug is WebKit-related, it is likely to be similar to one already documented issue. It can be achieved via the PlayStation 4‘s WebKit browser, and the core processes can be freed up using this browser, allowing knowledge people to access the operation system directly. (This is Sony‘s Orbis OS, based upon a Unix-like software called FreeBSD.)

However, we have to add the fact that it was achieved with a quite old firmware, namely the 1.76 version. (Remember, we have 3.11 at the moment!) The video below has some humor to it, too: failOverflow launches a Gameboy Advance Pokémon game, which got hacked into the „PlayStation Version”.

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